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As I wrap up every year, I choose a song that embodies the main lesson I learned... The key that god/creator/source has been helping me to craft throughout the year that unlocks the depths of my potential.

This year is "Forgive" by Trevor Hall.


To all of those whom I perceived hurt from up to this moment:

I release you.

You have no debt to me.

For it is you, who have betrayed and wounded me, that I have learned from most. You, who have made the deepest wounds in my heart, encouraged me to keep looking for the all encompassing type of love that only is found within. You opened up the crevices in my soul that otherwise would have remained closed and hidden, filled with demons, shadows, and dark angels.

Broken open I am able to heal myself from intergenerational wounding and trauma. I am able to heal my family line. I am able to find a sense of compassion, love, and acceptance of self that only comes from being able to love the parts of self that are pitiful, shameful, needy, and helpless.

I am forever grateful that I can now look in the mirror from a place of love.

It is because you left that I have room for the love that currently pervades my life.

I love the beauty I found in the pain.

I am grateful for you.

I release you.

I release me.

Forgive everything that has ever happened

Life is everything we can imagine

Laid out in patterns of pain and passion

You cannot control it so keep your compassion

There are no accidents

And there are no factions

There is no "us" and "them"

Nothing to borrow or lend

No enemy or friend

And only forgiveness can make that happen

Excerpt from "Forgive" by Trevor Hall

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Dori Grace
Dori Grace
31 ธ.ค. 2564

Beautifu! Thank you for this. 2021 was filled with more trauma than any other year! I hope to view it more like you do! Grateful for the pain.

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