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Natural Plant Medicine

Reboot your brain. Power up your life.

Human optimalization starts with purging the reasons for symptoms such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and trauma. Our Natural Plant Medicine Intensive Healing Retreat focus on healing attachment and trauma wounds, body work, and utilizing natural plant medicine in small community-minded groups to clear what keeps you from peak performance.

Natural Plant Medicine: Services
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Plant Medicine Retreat

Come "do good" for yourself.

Human optimization starts with purging the reasons for symptoms such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Natural Plant Medicine Intensive Healing Retreats focus on healing attachment and trauma wounds, body work, and utilizing natural plant medicine in small community-minded groups to clear what keeps you from peak performance.

Intensive Healing Retreats are facilitated by seasoned professionals with specialty training in the administration of natural plant medicine as well as somatic and body healing, trauma healing, and energy medicine healing techniques. 

Intensive Healing Retreats are intimate and individualized.

One-on-one and small group preparation and post-integration sessions with facilitators are included in the weeks leading up to and following retreats to assist you in lasting and permanent life change.

You are also equipped with herbal and plant medicine support for your whole body system with individual training in  continuing the healing process as you re-enter your daily life.

Services utilized before, during, and after Natural Plant Medicine Intensive Healing Retreats can include but are not limited to: 

  • Pre and post Quantitative-EEG brain mapping

  • 1-on-1 and group sessions before, during, and after retreat

  • Neurofeedback Training

  • Spine and joint mobilization 

  • Myofascial release

  • Somatic and attachment focused eye movement integration

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Acupressure therapy

  • Cranial-sacral release

  • Lymphatic pressure release and purge

  • Brain inflammation cleanse

  • Peripheral nervous system training

  • Body movement classes

  • Normatec compression therapy

  • Magnesium floatation therapy

  • Halotherapy

  • Plant medicine, herbal and nutritional support

Lodging and food are included in the cost of the retreat.

Natural and organic meals are prepared for you daily. 

We know that you are already equipped with everything you need to live the life you want.

We help you carve out space to live a life full of joy, gratitude and love while also operating at peak performance. 

Call, text, email, or complete a contact form to book a consultation with a facilitator for more information or to reserve your spot at a Natural Plant Medicine Intensive Healing Retreat!

Natural Plant Medicine: Text

Dr. Bryson Custer, DS, MS

Soma-Body Professional

Dr. Custer has sifted through nutrition, strength training, lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, yoga and functional movement training, and self-recovery techniques, allowing me to target global and fine motor control deficits and incorporate neurological nuance to move you out of your head and back into your heart space.

Dr. Custer hold a Doctoratal degree in Chiropractic Medicine, Master's degree in Exercise Physiology, and is currently delving through a post-doctoral Clinical Neuroscience program.

His interest in connecting neuroscience and intensive trauma healing using natural plant medicine stems from recognizing how hormonal disruption is linked to delayed development in children and adults. This delayed development is potentially perpetuated in the physical and emotional body through the spinal cord and brain when linked with emotional trauma at a young age.

Dr. Custer is a strong believer of treating the body as a whole, rather than the individual parts. He treats you as an individual, listens to your concerns, and assists you in taking back control of your body and mind.

Natural Plant Medicine: About

Kelly Haynes, MA, EMDR

Reiki Master & Transformational Coach


Kelly is a trained Licensed Professional Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LPCC) in her state of practice with clinical experience rooted in Neuroscience and Somatic therapeutic techniques including Neurofeedback Training (NFT), EMDR trauma therapy, BLAST, ego state therapy, somatic therapy and attachment therapy.

Kelly's passion lies in energy medicine as a Reiki Master, Transformational Coach and Certified Psychedelic Coach.

Kelly has specialty training and certification in energy medicine to facilitate healing of the mind, body, and soul utilizing techniques such as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), kinesiology, plant medicine ceremony, zero point therapy, eye-movement integration, Reiki and hypnosis techniques.

Kelly finds most joy in assisting participants in releasing their own inner healer, inviting you into your most authentic existence.

Natural Plant Medicine: About

Kelly & Bryce

Our Story

Kelly and Bryson are a power couple with three beautiful children. Their home base is in Savannah, Georgia where they facilitate trauma and pain intensives as well as plant and therapeutic medicine ceremonies including happe, cacao and Delta-10.

Their passion is working together to bring in the divine feminine and masculine energies to assist in the healing process of their participants.

Kelly and Bryson have designed a holistic health pathway to purge your essence of attachment traumas and physical ailments through intensive plant medicine retreats for men and women.

Combining the physical, neurological, and emotional facets of the human experience allows you to reach previously hidden corners of your body and mind.

Natural Plant Medicine: About

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